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Visibility and Accountability

At NZ Distribution we firmly believe that access to people is as important as information visibility. We work with our customers to build an information/data portfolio that includes regular meetings with key staff and the development of performance criteria to provide the basis for KPI reporting and accountability.

All management, operational and customer service activity is underpinned by best practice standards and individual customer expectations can be incorporated into service level agreements.

Our aim is to provide a 3PL solution that meets and exceeds customer demands and supports product and cost visibility in a manner comparable to an internal 3PL operation. We do this by offer the following information sharing and quality assurance practices:

  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual KPI meetings - KPI’s to be set by both parties
  • Regular reporting including activity and cost
  • Development of individual SOP’s for special goods/handling
  • Development of corrective action procedures
  • Access to facility and products as and when required
  • Cost + pricing (if required)
  • Access to Warehouse Management System (on site portal if required)

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