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About Us

NZ Distribution is located within close proximity to Auckland Airport. We are a genuine Warehousing and Distribution operation with a focus on providing customised and flexible solutions to small to medium business that may otherwise get swallowed up in larger distribution centre environments.

Through our experience in warehousing operations we have recognised a fundamental challenge that multi client 3PL’s face; the difficulty of providing customer service levels that belie the “multi client” environment. At NZ Distribution we are dedicated to providing the level of service bestowed upon “single client” contract warehousing arrangements but without the expectation to fill a warehouse or cover our fixed operating and capital costs. We are well positioned to meet this expectation through our meticulous planning and operational procedures, coupled with a detailed understanding of activity based pricing relative to the movement and handling of goods.

We also understand that the right mix of personal communication, industry knowledge, technology and accountability is critical to high performing supply chains. With a focus on relationships, resource and skill utilisation we provide streamlined goods handling from source supplier to the end customer by the most cost effective means possible.